In the last Blog, I spoke about choking for an adult and a child. In this section, i will discuss the steps regarding a choking infant.

Parents and Child Carers will know that an infant loves to place any object they get their hands on into their mouth and sometimes even up their nose or ear. Choking in infants is one of the main causes of infant fatalities.


Choking Baby  (less than 1 year old)
Determine if the baby can cough, cry or breathe?
If not, call for assistance.
Kneel down and place baby face down over your
forearm, resting against your thigh.
Give up to 5 quick back slaps between baby’s
If unsuccessful turn baby over, keeping the head
below the body.
Give up to 5 quick chest thrusts on the centre of
baby’s chest just below the nipples.
Repeat back slaps and chest thrusts until the
object is dislodged or baby becomes
If baby becomes unconscious, start CPR and call
112 (Cellphone) or 10177.

If you see an object in the mouth, carefully
remove it.

Hope this was helpful.

Till next time, Stay Safe……………………………..